1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
If I'm being honest, as soon as the 1st of September arrives, I'm online searching for Halloween costumes, lol! This year I'm highly anticipating dressing up as Miss Wednesday Addams. I will of course do a blog post once I've settled on who/what I'm being.. It may be a complete surprise!

2. What is your favourite Autumnal scent?
I really love the smell of popcorn, caramel & toffee apples, mmm. Definitely firewood/fireworks and the amazing lush Halloween products too! :)

3. What is your favourite Autumnal colour?
Definitely burnt/golden orange like the beautiful leaves on the ground. I remember back in Primary School walking along with my mum & dad picking up random leaves to dip into paint and make adorable little leaf print pictures. Such a fond and adorable memory from my childhood. ♡

4. What is your favourite Autumnal drink?
I absolutely love 'Witches Brew' aka brown lemonade! Another favourite from my childhood. You can buy it all year around but I just love how they change the name to sound like a potion, hehe.

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Autumn ?
I will probably be binging on the Sabrina the Teenage Witch box-set I treated myself to with my birthday money back in April. It was my absolute favourite TV show when I was a child. I'll also be watching various horror movies and Hocus pocus of course!! :D "Oh boooooook, come to mummy!" haha, gotta love the Sanderson Sistaaaas. ♡

6. What is your favourite Autumnal fashion trend?
I love plaid skirts, pretty pinafore dresses with a long sleeved striped top underneath, knitted jumpers, cosy tights, cute ankle boots and a chunky scarf if it's chilly outside. I also really like faux leather biker jackets and faux fur body warmer jackets. I like mustard, orange and taupe shades best for this season.

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?
I normally don't do much over Autumn/Halloween, however, this year I plan on going to the cinema with my friends to watch IT, Starbucks trips for caramel frappuccinos and pumpkin spiced lattes (of course), I'm going to give pumpkin carving a go, fireworks and I'm going to dress up and go to a big party in the town with my friends, more than likely dressed as a black cat or Wednesday Addams, haha. Very excited for Halloween this year!

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 
I absolutely love burnt orange/bronze eyeshadow looks for Autumn with a flirty winged eyeliner and textured falsies. I think warm tones are absolutely gorgeous for the season with pale skin and defined cheekbones. I also really like nude browns and pink lipsticks or plum/blood red with a neutral eyeshadow shade and bold liner. Pretty much a vampy look! I'm actually planning to collaborate with my friend Emma for an Autumnal makeup look blog post. Super excited for that! :)


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Thanks for reading!

Love Leanne, xo


Hey girls, I thought I would do a quick little review on one of my new favourite drugstore brand foundations. I purchased this foundation from Boots for £6 which I think is a pretty decent price for such a good quality product. My previous go-to was the Rimmel London - Wake Me Up liquid foundation, which I absolutely adore but I just really wanted to try something new and within my budget. I really like squeezy tubes as oppose to glass bottles, as you can snib off the end of the tube and store the remainder in a little pot or jar. This foundation is 35ml and I've been using it religiously this whole month and have just under half left. The consistency is lovely, it's not too thick but not too runny either and in my opinion that's the perfect foundation consistency. The coverage is great too, 1 layer is fabulous but you can of course build up for a more full coverage look if you desire. They have a good variety of shades for all skin tones, I purchased one of the lightest shades (SMF01 Ivory) because I'm a very pale girl and most lighter shades tend to look a tad orangey on me.. fellow pale girls will feel my frustration with this, ugh! Super annoying :( Thankfully though, this foundation has no tinge of orange whatsoever. 

The only 'meh' thing about this product in my opinion,  is that it takes a little longer to blend than the Rimmel one I usually apply with my beauty blender. I would also suggest to make sure your face is well moisturised before applying it too as it tends to dry in quite quickly and can look a little flakey if you have dry skin. Overall though, I really do love this foundation. It's cheap and cheerful and has fantastic coverage which will leave you looking and feeling flawless. ♡

Thank you so much for reading.  What is your current foundation? 

Love Leanne  xo

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