Makeup Revolution have released their Halloween range which is super stunning, affordable and unique. They have SFX products, eyeshadow palettes, lip kits and higlighters available at Superdrug & on the TAM Beauty website. Everyone was gathered around looking at the products and I luckily managed to pick up this gorgeous palette. The outer packaging is beautiful. I absolutely love all things fantasy, such as unicorns, mermaids, fairies etc. The palette itself is just their regular sleek, black hard plastic packaging. For £6 I think this product is fab. 

I love the massive mirrors MUR include in their palettes, so handy for travelling with too. As you can see, the shades in this palette are quite vibrant (it is unicorn inspired after all!) I really like the names of the eyeshadows too, my favourites are bewitch, enchanted & majestic. The top row are all shimmer shades and the bottom row are all glitters. 

The eyeshadows are very well pigmented, as mentioned in my review on the MUR resurrection 3 palette, some shades are more pigmented than others, however, you could of course build them up for more intensity. 


Yesterday I was playing around with the pinky shades and this was the outcome.. I also used twilight (the lightest shade) on my inner corners to give the look a bit of a highlight pop! 

Overall, I'm really impressed with this palette. For £6 it's brilliant! 

Thankyou for reading. Have you tried any products from Makeup Revolution's halloween range? 

Love Leanne, xo

What have I been up to? ♡

Hello lovelies! I thought I'd write a little catchup post as I've actually been super busy lately, which is so alien to me after a few months of feeling horrible and building myself up.. but it's so exciting and I'm feeling much happier!! :) - This season always perks my mood up and makes everything seem so much more likeable, does anyone else feel that way too? There's just something about going for walks through the crunchy leaves and crisp air that sparks something inside. Ahh I love it! - I tried my first sip of a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte a few days ago by the way, it was lovely! (as expected! Haha) 

Last week I started my nail course, which I'm loving so far. My tutor is also called Leanne and my classmates are all super nice. I'm so lucky to have been accepted as there were only 10 places available, phew! So glad I got in there quickly. Basically, the course runs every Friday until the beginning of February, so I have something to look forward to every Friday morning. We are currently learning manicures/prepping the nails for acrylics, then after Christmas, we will be learning how to do gel nails. I would love to work for myself someday doing this as people want their nails done all the time and I actually really enjoy it. If you have a passion, learn and embrace it. I will do a little post showing off the acrylic kit that we had to purchase for the course incase anyone is interested. We do still need to purchase a gel kit too though and a few additions for the acrylic kit, such as cuticle oil etc. So far though I'm really enjoying the course and I cannot wait to achieve the certificates. :)

Another super exciting thing I've been up to is working at Oktoberfest Belfast as a Heidi Girl!

 Eek! SO. MUCH. FUN  ♡

Our job is to greet customers & visitors and show them to their benches and take their drinks order. So far I can manage to carry 4 steins or 2 steins in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other.. I'm clearly not as talented as some of the other girls haha but I'm not that baaad. We also March with The Belfast Barvarian Strollers (Oom pa pa band) in our pretty dresses then we perform a little dance for around 30 mins. I've always been a shy lady so this is something different to me but I've gained alot more confidence than I had these past few months and I'm so glad and happy I went for the interview and got picked. The other girls are so lovely and Mummy Heidi aka Pat is amazing! I'm having an absolute ball. There's another 3 weekends left, it would be perfect if I could do this for a living as it is a hoot! I'm still on the look out for another job but this is a great experience for me and a stepping stone. 

(Léa, myself & Shannon dancing to the Oom pa pa)

So yaaas guys, things are picking up and going well for me, finally. I feel like I've been on a wild roller-coaster of emotions these last few months and I'm finally starting to feel less dizzy.  I'm so happy to be back on track! #don'tletanyonedullyoursparkle :) I'm really looking forward to Halloween. I'm more than likely going as Snow White or Wednesday Addams, eek!! 

Also getting tattoo number 3 next week! 

Are you enjoying Autumn so far?

Love Leanne, xo

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